A fresh paper on origin of eukaryotes by a group of Japanese scientists

Lateral gene transfer, Entangle-Engulf-Enslave (E3) model and much more …

Isolation of an archaeon at the prokaryote-eukaryote interface

“In summary, we obtained the first isolate of Asgard archaea with unique metabolic
and morphological features through a total of 12 years cultivation, and combining these
observations with genomic analyses, propose the “Entangle-Engulf-Enslave (E3) model”
for eukaryogenesis from archaea. Maturation of this model requires elucidation and
incorporation of the timing/progression of lateral gene transfer between PAPLA and PA
or other bacteria, PA simplification and organellogenesis towards the first mitochondrion,
cell complexification (e.g., non-mitochondrial organelle development), and elaboration
of eukaryotic cell division and their ties with Earth’s history. Endeavors in cultivation of
other Asgard archaea and more deep-branching eukaryotes are essential to further unveil
the road from archaea to eukaryotes.”