A New thread being spun in St. Xavier's College Mumbai

A New thread being spun in St. Xavier's College Mumbai

It always is challenging to start something new, same with the case of starting something new in Xavier’s. Although everyone was ready to ignite the light, but no one was willing to the take the risk to lit the fire.

I am a student of it and after being an active member of CUBE for the last 2 months, I thought to spur out this topic again in the limelight of Xavier’s. We have already disappointed the teachers earlier, as we were negligent about the daphnia and the hydra we brought the previous year. But this time it was something different this time, I got the essence of CUBE and believed that this would inspire many of my friends as well.

I thought of giving a try, the question of why not us? always used to strike me. As this was the time to work not to talk. The road was not easy we got snub many times, many hurdles but I along with Aqsa thought lets try with few students only, if not anyone we both can activate our St. Xavier’s Mumbai CUBE group.

Keeping this thought in mind we circulated a watsapp message stating that “many of us are unaware of what is CUBE, how it works? or rather where is the science around us? where we can get our doubts of clear, what is the reason for the many things around us… so it is an initiative to promote science in more easy way rather than text book fashion so please join us in an informal get together where we will discuss about what is happening around us Venue- LR 32 at 2:40”. We forwarded the message to all the bsc groups of biology.

Me and Aqsa was there, Tulika and Gargi also stayed back and were also joined by Aleen. We were five people and we started to just discuss about what is CUBE and how it works…

So what is CUBE? How it works? these are the few questions that were flanked upon as we got started. So I told them that is CUBE- Collaborative Undergraduate Biological Education. Here anyone can join, /rom kg to pg, everyone is important here and we learn from collaboration. For me what I felt about CUBE, I told them that it just promotes culture of science or rather it is a place where you think and try to relate, they got little bit inspired and also wanted to know more about what we are doing in CUBE.

So here are the some highlights I discussed with them-

  1. Science at door step- THE CONCEPT OF PAGALOPOS, the work on the residents of it have already bagged many Nobel prizes.

  2. Transforming dialogue of 3 idiots into reality- pant ke zip se pen ke nip tak sab kuch machine(science) hai by introducing the concept of NAIL regeneration studies

  3. Addressing the fact WE don’t need sophisticated device to know science this I did by making them familiarize with the SLICE OF SEASON concept under which (mango flowering, gulmohar flowering and many more others to mention)

  4. I tried to promote the idea of working from anywhere, by telling them that the best device needs a better use now- that is MOBILE (I quoted the example of the work that @04872621705 is doing on mimosa pudica)

  5. Then the main Idea that YOU ARE NOT ALONE- The idea of Collaboration where I told them about the CUBE group that is almost always active and people put forward their ideas and we design our work COLLABORATIVELY

They got really impressed and that’s how it got an initiation on 29/06/2019, this also inspired one of my friend from Physics department to join CUBE xavier’s group @RayRohan

Things we have planned to opt are-

  1. Collection of data for nail regeneration
  2. Activating Cube St Xavier’s Group by posting SLICE OF SEASON pictures
  3. CLAP TRAP METHOD- for mosquito study @Hinaiqbal_Mudgal
  4. COUGH AND SNEEZE Method- to create an awareness @Arunan
  5. Locating Phyllathus next to our college and promote CURIOSITY DRIVEN OBSERVATION
  6. Isolation of native C elegans from Indian soil and questing the concept of STANDARDS
  7. To know our neighbors via looking into the pagalopos wells.

Great start with this new initiative.

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Looking for updates @bivasnag

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Will update soon…Current plans for today is …Plan for Monday
Date 8/07/2019

  1. Marking the pagalopos and viewing the samples and try to spot some of the residents of the pagalopos well and by looking into their salient features of identification
  2. Making of the extraction plate in order to continue the surge of x elegans from India
    (By making plain agar plate and putting the soil at the periphery)
  3. Clicking pictures and posting the videos of the pagalopos under the microscope and also photos of us working
  4. Holding a causerie session after the work

Report and next day’s plans please @bivasnag


Updates with reports and pictures @bivasnag what’s happening currently in ST.XAVIERS clg?


@bivasnag what is the current status of all model systems at St.Xavier`s college?
please report current status of nematodes study.
Eagerly looking forward to…

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Nail marks are still intact though it is 90th day after Voting on 21 October 2020 @bivasnag