Biological Rhythm Studies in Fruit Flies

Then we should call it vinegar fly! :smile:
Can you design an experiment to test this?

There are over 1500 species of drosophila.

Any reference? @Jahnavi2003

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Following the successful use of fruit flies in understanding circadian rhythms, researchers now use flies to figure out what makes us sleepy. Just as with circadian timing, the genes that drive sleep in fruit flies and humans are likely to be similar as well. In fact, caffeine keeps flies awake, just as it does people.We have also discovered other genes, named sleepless and redeye which are needed to maintain sleep in flies, and others have found similar genes in mammals .Moving forward, scientists hope to use the humble fruit fly to uncover even greater mysteries, including understanding why we sleep at all.

We can trap using this technique


We will research on fruit flies


23rd July
Today we will trap fruit fly and study it’s food preferences

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We will observe which all fruits does water flea get attracted to

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Q. Are fruit flies harmful to us

The first short term objective for today:
Observing the previous day models ( water fleas and hydra) and the changes shown under the conditions created.

No they are not harmful but some can cause disease

Yes, fruit flies are essentially sponges for bacteria and disease. Although risk is low.

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23 July 2019
To see that which fruit attracts the fruit flies the most

you can also refer


Date today: 23/07/2019
Yesterday we had cultured some water fleas in a bottle each group putting in varying amounts of milk as food for them. We also saw hydra under the microscope, today we will observe the experiment bottles we had prepared yesterday, that being one of our short term objectives. Then we will feed the fleas to the hydra as yesterday we learnt that water fleas are a food for them. Our long term objevtive is to study gene regulation in these creatures.

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How can we trap the flies

To trap the flies we will take a bottle and put a fruit peace inside it. Then we will put the bottle near a garbage bin, whixh is where they are to be found. The fruit flies will be attracted to that smell and will go inside the bottle. Further we will take a cotton plug and fit it so the bottle closes and the flies do not escape

Plan of work
We are going to take a plastic bottle with a fruit like Apple inside it.
We will leave it near a dustbin for an hour or so.
After the fruit flies will get accumulated in the bottle due to the smell of the fruits,we will put a cotton plug and trap the fruit flies