Butterflies as pests?

Butterflies as pests?

Continuing the discussion from Papilio polytes caterpillar on lime plant:

Date: 15/9/2019
Place: Lalbagh garden, Banglore, Karnataka
Is this the invasive Cabbage white? Definitely, part of the Pieridae family.


Is it okay to wipe out an entire species because they are “invasive”?
How do we label a particular species as invasive?
Please share your thoughts on this.

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Well any species that evolves too fit to survival that it starts to dominate and cause havoc by over consumption of natural resources is termed a invasive. We humans:man_farmer: ourselves are one of the most invasive species.

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Well was it OK if that invasive butterfly had wiped out one of the plant species?

A question like this is more of a philosophical question about morals. Because it doesn’t has any logical path that we can follow to weigh the existence of one species over the other in my opinion.


I too concur with your opinion :+1:t4:

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