Cannonball tree: growth of leaves in three days

These two photos of the cannonball tree are taken three days apart. You can see the growth of leaves happened in three days.


Can’t wait to see the tree on 26th june.

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How do I upload some interesting pictures of Cannon ball tree from Breach Candy, South Mumbai? And I assume that represents as a marker of Summer Solstice 2019. @rafikh

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You can upload the pictures as an event and you can also add location and date to it.

Here is the Cannon ball tree @edurafi !:sweat_smile:


What is the location and when was this picture taken. Please post an observation as a separate Topic, so that you can add location and date/time. @Arunan

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Latitude: 18.9726 Longitude: 72.8044 26 June 2019