Detail Version of how to use Image Meter for NAIL MEASUREMENT

  1. Download the application from the google play store (available for androids/ i phone) as wellimm1
    The app icon look like this

  2. When you open the page similar type of screen appears, Click on the blue circled as shown in the screenshot to add image

    (Make sure that image is of good quality)

  3. Once you add image from your gallery, zoom in the image and then click on the plus sign

  4. Once you have clicked the plus sign a drop down box will appear
    Click on the reference scale to add reference (you can take 1 square as 1cm reference if using a graph paper)

  5. Once you have clicked the app will tell you to point and drag for the length of reference distance

  6. Zoom the image if you haven’t done before and draw a line between two bold lines of the graph as shown
    (do this with utmost accuracy)

  7. After you have marked the same, a drop down box will appear add the details of the measurement you have taken with proper units (as I have marked two boxes in the graph paper so mark it with 2cm)

  8. Click the ok button and the reference with the unit will appear on the picture and then click on the double headed arrow that is marked inside the blue sign

    and it will read as please point and drag for the new measure

  9. As the nail growth is very slow we need to measure it in micrometers so we need to change the unit for the measurement, for that press the back button, you will come back to the same screen and then click on the icon marked over in that page

  10. Again a drop box will appear Click on the measures option

  11. This type of view will appear, Click the option metric unit length and change the thing to micrometers

  12. Then press the back button again you will land to the same page from where you can click the picture you were working on

  13. Then zoom the picture as much as you can and then click the double headed arrow and carefully drag the line for the measurement

  14. And that’s how you get the measurement in micrometers

Hope these steps are useful. You may try to use this technique for big as well as small things.

Minor Challenge: Try this and find out when does this method does not work?