Fishes - as if turned to stone?!?!

Fishes - as if turned to stone?!?!

Rohu fishes in aquarium at St Peter’s College, Kolenchery

These are some rohu fishes in our aquarium. Ever since they were placed into the aquarium they have been acting strangely.

Statue fishes?

The fishes are all standing still, almost vertically, and breathing heavily.

Strange behaviour of Rohu fishes in aquarium

Sometimes they show very slight movement by moving to a new corner of the tank.These fishes are fed properly and the oxygen in the tank is also supplied in plenty. What is the reason for their strange behaviour?

What could be the reason for their steadiness? Are they egg laying ?
What species these are?


@Akshitha are you sure the water is fresh? If the water has any contamination it may cause fishes to breath rapidly and not move


I was wondering the same thing.

Yes they are. But they didn’t. All the fishes died one after another.

Labeo rohita or Rohu fish.

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The water was changed every week :sweat_smile:

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