Invitation Game: What Can Voter`s Ink Mark Do To Us?

We are having form to fill age, gender, etc. Participants are not supposed to add those details in photo.
Each once data will be accessible to them.

This practice will mess up the data collection. Also I think it is a practice/habit that we need to develop among citizens to annotate each photo and send.

Let me understand what the suggestion is? Are you suggesting that the photograph should also have some measurement?

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No. please check the link:

We want data separate from photo so that it can be easily analysed without looking at each photo.

data will be collected and publicly accessible to this link. Making changes in photos will spoil the quality of photos, and they will be confused how to use technology to edit photos.
Point is activity should be as simple as possible so that we have large number of people participating in it.

Photo is just for reference for engagement, data is most important, which they can use further inorder to make spreadsheets and publish.

Yes exactly…the photo that’s is to be sent by the people can have the legends as well

The form does ask for all the data.

There are two types of problem we were facing that in many nail growth pictures we got from various part of the country was without any reference scale behind the image it was sometime only the nail picture with white picture as background so what to do with that pictures?

Another thing is in the CUBE we were introduced to how to measure the growth of nail using image meter so if anyone want to know I can write how to use image meter foe the measurement of nail growth

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@bivasnag as given in this activity , you can use graph paper behind finger nail or ruler/scale besides finger nail and click the picture.
This activity only asks to send these photos.

Please submit photo of your nail ink mark in this format.

Measurement is next activity. Link of imagemeter is given in next activity, and app has examples how to use it to measure distance.

If you get any query on measurement ,you can write about it in next activity.

Please write lucidly how one can measure the growth of nail from these photos. Give examples…
And what is your Long term objective?


@bivasnag @Hrushikesh @rahil.bhai_007 @Arunan
All you need to do is, select a double headed arrow line in imagemeter app, place that arrow from point starting to ending point you want to measure. Once you draw the line , you get the reading of measurement of that length.

This is how you can measure distance between any two points using imagemeter.

Please click the link below to get steps of measuring length using imagemeter:

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@magpie please visit the link of form in activity, it records all the details.

Picture is just for reference. It need not come with data. Data is essential for further analysis and finding any patterns.

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Don’t you think we should make this introduction more user friendly? @jaikishan
Let’s give one simple example of nail mark photo with a ruler along side the finger…
What you say? Rest of the explanation too can be made simpler and straight…


I agree with @meena74 Look, where are we now with nail data collection today?
Let’s review and take immediate necessary action!
Such a great opportunity! We should not loose it!


The activity is made most simpler by revewing by us before releasing.
Steps of nail mark with ruler are already mentioned in activity.

‘You can also place your finger with ink mark along the ruler/scale on a plain paper and take a photo’

Many of people have been sending on nail mark pictures on whatsapp, if we can drive and engage them to document here the same then recording and archiving can be achieved here.

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We can’t blame citizen in a Citizen Science program. Our program requires to become a. attractive b. people friendly.
We can’t drive away people from other sectors, howsoever you hate whatsapp.
Make it as user friendly as whatsapp. People will gladly come!
I am with People!

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“. .Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”. - Bethold Brecht

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Aren’t we the people.

But our graph paper in the figure has lines drawn etc.
Don’t you think those are unnecessary diversions?

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Yes. I agree the lines are redundant. Better to replace that picture with a finger on a graph paper, without any further lines drawn. Keep it simple.

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This requires editing the photo.