Making a simple DIY Whiteboard

Making a simple DIY Whiteboard

We are revamping the design of our studio and making some re-arrangements. We also felt the need for a whiteboard hence thought of making one instead of buying off the shelf. Here is a brief pictorial journey of the same:

We got this 1 mm polycarbonate sheet from the local shop. The size of the sheet was 8 ft * 4 ft.

We made the edges 90 degrees and then used simple chart paper to cover it up like a canvas.

Align, mark, drill!

Here is how it looks!

Inaugration time !

What’s next?
The flexible nature of the thin polycarbonate is making the surface wobbly. For better user experience we do need a rigid frame and then fix the entire sheet on top of it.
The second issue is due to the moisture. Hence, using chart-paper is not really a good idea in the long run. One of the solutions could be either to paint the wall or the back surface of the sheet or as mentioned before, to use a frame which itself is white ( 5 mm sunboard seems to be a potential candidate!)

PS: one also needs to be careful while drilling holes in the wall if using paper. The particles can get sandwiched between the film and paper and it would be a little tricky to clean that up later. We had to improvise the scale to fix the bug :slight_smile:

Thanks to @arunachal and @surendra for their support during the process.


So, here is an update:
Earlier we used the chart-paper in the background and I also shared its limitation. So, we thought to try a 3 mm sunboard and see how it looks.
Divided the two sheets of 8 ft * 4 ft into four sheets of 4 ft * 4 ft.

Brought the earlier sheet down and used glue drop to temporary fix the sunboard on the wall.

Here is the layout

These are glue drops

We figured out another cool thing we can do with polycarbonate - Will share shortly :slight_smile:

Drilling time!

Fixing the polycarbonate sheet -

Aha! Here is how it looks now

We present you - The WhiteBoard 2.0!

What’s better in 2.0?
We were able to reduce the wobbling by adding glue drops at various places on the canvas between the polycarbonate and sunboard
Secondly, it looks aesthetically more pleasing. Isn’t it?

What’s next?
The current design is still not portable. You can’t take it off the wall and carry it somewhere else. If we would have used the frame instead, probably that could have been one of the ways to solve it.

Suggestions feedback comments are welcome!

Happy tinkering :slight_smile: