My Peapod Caterpillar Story

It was the 4th of December, When i was helping my mom in peeling of peas. When i happen to find a green worm like structure from inside a bright pea-pod. OMG! I yelled i found something in the pod it was a caterpillar. The message of my organisms was posted on the CUBE group and inputs and suggestion how to culture was taken. Now i was very curious to know what this caterpillar would turn into a butterfly or a moth.
We kept our caterpillar in a plastic cup and fed it fresh peas every day. It ate voraciously.
Our caterpillar became the center of attraction in our biology lab of our school as each class which visited the lab was keen and curious to see how a caterpillar was feed and kept.
During, this time we observed the pea eating sounds and various developmental changes which may sound trivial but, were enormous energy booster and motivation for other classes to join in.
On the 14th of December the green caterpillar changed into a brown case like structure it ate no food and showed no movement. After 28 days of showing sunlight a pea moth IMAGO emerged but, it could not fly.
As it was my first culture experience I realized that pupa should have been kept in moist mud and not dry open condition. I posted my stages of pea pod caterpillar development and learned about pea moth life cycle.
My search will continue for more pea pod Butterflies and Moths this season also.
:point_down::point_down: HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF THE CULTURE :point_down::point_down:

@rahil.bhai_007 Beautiful pictures covering whole life cycle of Caterpillar, and how easily such observations can be done scientifically even at home and understand biology from it👍


An initiative of induction of basic science methods…by simple , elementary ways…
Yes , we can culture…at home…and learn science


CUBE Kitchen Labs can do wonders!


What did you feed when it was in caterpillar stage?

@mayur I daily gave the Caterpillar fresh green peas and clean the litter everyday :grin::grin:

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