Out of curiosity

Out of curiosity

My friends came from Kolkata in Cube Shikshyatan @Anushka and @anuleka_dutta and they are monozygotic twins, but why there is some difference in the appear in them?

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@bivasnag today i and hina maam were talking about how her friend from US was able to find 33 similar looking people and got them together
And in that single room of cube you could see the diversity and that diversity is just because 1% of genetic differences and it is possible the twins are different due to that 1%

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For example , in the color choice of the attire! :rofl:


I really think that could be a possibility :rofl::rofl:

@bivasnag its good that u are curious :rofl: keep searching keep learning

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But what can be the scientific basis? Why there is some differences?

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The difference may be due to different food habits, health care habits, lifestyle which are adaptive irrespective of genetic set up.

Bhivas, why don’t you tell us what the differences are. Is one short and one tall? Is one fat and one thin? Are their eyes a different color? Is there a difference in their speech?
Make a list, and then we can scientifically approach each difference to see what possible source the differences could have.

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So means according to you changes accumulate over time… So is their a role of transcriptional modification or translational modification due to the influence of some environmental factors @Shilpa_14

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@Anushka and @anuleka_dutta please quote out the differences we can move towards this discussion in a more scientific manner…

Let’s find out @VirenVaz

Epigenetic…! :roll_eyes: Lets see what exactly are epigenetic changes?