Phyllanthus Sleep-Wake Studies

Phyllanthus is a plant which can be found in any garden or roadside pavement.
It is around 4-5 cm elongated plant, with branches and compound leaves.

Fascinating thing about this plant is, it closes its leaves in the evening and opens it up again in the morning time.

Can you collect this plant from your immediate environment and grow it at your school/home?

Can we check at what time they are opening and closing its leaves?
Can you think factors which could be causing this opening & losing of leaves in Phyllanthus?
Please enlist them in the reply section below.

Opening of leaves in Phyllanthus

Closing of leaves in Phyllanthus

Please give some ideas in the reply section below about,
how to experimentally prove the factors which are causing this opening & closing of leaves?


Is ‘touch me not plant’(that contracts its leaves when we touch it) and Phyllanthus same?


@Marulb23 no they are different plants. But they both close their leaves in night and open it during day time.

Can you confirm which family they both belong to?
Which other plants close their leaves? Any ideas?


Do they both being to the same family?

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