Role of clitellum in regeneration of earthworms

Earthworm group (Elphinstone college)
So yesterday Ritik baviskar⁩ and I checked on Hrushikesh bendale’s amputed earthworms and we noticed that after 41 days after the amputation the parts of earthworms which had clitellum have more possibilities of regeneration than the parts which do not have the clitellum part.
What must be the significance of clitellum in regeneration?
Mayur sir’s and ours hypothesis is that if we ampute the earthworms in such a way that the alternate parts have the clitellum then probably the possibility of the these parts regeneration has a higher chances

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It is well known that parts of earthworms can survive if they are cut off. Our aim was to link the regeneration capacity of an earthworm, Eisenia fetida (Oligochaeta, Annelida) with the site of the amputation, so we amputated earthworms at different body segment locations along the length of the body to examine the different survival rates and regeneration lengths of the anterior, posterior, and medial sections.

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This can help us to learn role of clitellum in regeneration

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