Scientific, Creative and Amazing Journey of CUBE šŸ‘ø

Entered a new journey called CUBE in the year 2017. During Christmas workshop on 24th December, I came to CUBE lab.
My friends from my college had joined the fruit fly groupā€¦seeing them even I joined that group. From there started my journey along with my fruit fliesā€¦:smile:
Had a great experience during that Christmas workshop along with other fruit fly colleagues. I thought that the workshop was during Christmasā€¦end of the year. So I had a break from CUBE the whole year till December 2018.
Again back to CUBE was a great experience able to learn a lot of things never thought of!!
3 days well spent with the CUBists of different parts of India in the month of January 2019ā€¦
Got to have friendship with many cubists of Kerala, Ranchiā€¦
Wasnā€™t much active all these time in CUBE as I was a bit difficult to get along in a new environmentā€¦also being a shyā€¦:hushed:

Summer Workshop in April 2019 changed me. Got along with many cubistsā€¦students from different colleges cameā€¦started to discuss, question, answer and learnā€¦
Till this time I was just belonging to fruit fly religion. :wink: ā€¦but then got to know what Nematodes, earthworms, hydra, moina, cardamine, zebra fish areā€¦
Unlearning some conceptsā€¦learning to say I donā€™t know when we donā€™t know a thingā€¦questioning certain things without blindly believingā€¦how to studyā€¦etc were the main aspects which I got to know.
ā€œThere is nothing wrong in saying ā€˜I donā€™t knowā€™.ā€
Whatever we learn here is unforgettableā€¦The reason behind this is that there is no one to judge youā€¦open in doing mistakesā€¦correcting and helping out each otherā€¦Everyone together building up conceptsā€¦developing topicsā€¦:ok_hand:
Goof ups was the thing we did as fruit flies and researchers this whole workshopā€¦doing mistakes is also a part of science and researchā€¦!!! Amazing na!!!

Coming to CUBE lab was like going to a second homeā€¦getting to meet and be the whole day with friends who are like a family nowā€¦
Most importantlyā€¦knowing and being with Arunan sir and other staff members was a great experienceā€¦great souls to be metā€¦:smirk:

After a long vacation well spent in CUBEā€¦and now in collegesā€¦really missing everyone and hands on experiences of CUBEā€¦

@Lydia Great summary of CUBE experience and how it helped to change culture of educationā€¦:+1:

What we see in our education platforms like in our colleges and schools is thatā€¦teachers are in a hurry to finish up the portion without knowing whether the children or the students understand the concepts or notā€¦
I would take my own example for thisā€¦
Till 10th or 12thā€¦ just for writing our board exams I would study and then never remember what was taughtā€¦
After writing examsā€¦its like not required anymoreā€¦so no need to rememberā€¦!!
But then what should have been done is thatā€¦why are we studying a particular topicā€¦what are itā€™s applicationsā€¦All is necessary to be explainedā€¦
Students should try to build up their skills and topics as well as knowledge on certain topics on their ownā€¦
Recentlyā€¦Prof. Anil Sadgopal Sir gave a talk regarding education system and everything relatedā€¦practicals are just performed in a hurryā€¦explanations are given in such a way as much as is required for u to write in the examā€¦thatā€™s allā€¦!!
Applications and techniques should be taught as well as hands on experience like how we have in our CUBE lab is requiredā€¦

What we do and learn in CUBE is not just biologyā€¦
We are connecting physics, chemistry, mathematics, technologyā€¦
In the case of earthwormsā€¦how molarity is calculatedā€¦calculations where math is included, molarity molality where chemistry is includedā€¦as well as preparation of different solutionsā€¦
Biology or science includes evolution, epigenetics, regenerationā€¦basic topics of osmosis, diffusion, nerve cord, olfactory sensing, reflex action etcā€¦
Physics where light spectrum, wavelength etcā€¦

So this is how we educate ourselves here in the lab with no one to teach us but learning by ourselves using different sources of information like internetā€¦
Whatever Internet saysā€¦everything is not believableā€¦so how do we refer to sites which are reliable?? This was another area where we got to know moreā€¦knowing where the site is from, who has written the paper, like the author then in which journal is it published and in which year etc are all important to be known before we rely on itā€¦

I learned to operate a stereo and dissection microscope when I came to CUBEā€¦This is where technology comes inā€¦