STEM Games workshop by HBCSE at IWSA

A STEM Games workshop is being organized for students in collaboration with Indian Women Scientists Association, Vashi at Navi Mumbai.

@jtd, @jaikishan, @ravi31 @Ashish_Pardeshi, @G_N will be facilitating the workshop.

Nice set of projects.
Automatic mop and automatic dishwasher. Interesting.

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STEM games session was conducted during inauguration of Science Nurture Program at Indian Women Scientist Association (IWSA), Vashi…

A lab with model organisms such as Moina, Earthworm, Fruit fly, and other DIY activities like microscope making was setup…

We look forward to continue the engagement of students into science investigation, and research starting from these simple model systems…


Great seeing such curious and excited faces. Looking forward to the daily follow up ! With regard to Live Models , looking after them daily by keeping record is a Science in itself !


It was wonderful and learning experience with those students and IWSA team. :smile:

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