Website fonts readability needs to be improved

Design and presentation matters a lot to me (and, research shows its true for many people). Aesthetics of interface can attract, retain or put-off. So, here are my inputs:

Currently the website uses Roboto font, weight=400
For me its appearing as bold and putting pressure on eyes. I tried changing the font-weight to 300 and 500 it looked more readable. So I suggest that default font weight be made either 300 (thin) or 500 (reasonably thick).

Roboto font, weight=400

Roboto font, weight=300

Roboto font, weight=500

@Siddhu_Dhangar and @mahesh.tirthakar Can you try @sadaqat’s suggestion and improve the readability of the site.

we have set roboto font weight 300 which is applicable to whole site.


Can we have two screenshots, one with 300 and one less than 300 to know which one looks better. Screenshots may be taken on both mobiles as well as desktop.

300 font size screenshots,first one from desktop and second one from mobile:

200 font size screenshots, first one from desktop and second one from mobile:

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Are weight and pixel size same?

anyway, 200 does not look good.

@sadaqat please comment?

Are weight and pixel size same?

This(font weight=300) is giving to me much better readability :+1:

Yes, after changes (font weight=300) its giving me much better readability on both mobile and desktop device. Thanks for consideration :slightly_smiling_face:
Hopes its same experience for others.