Frugal tissue culture (failed experiment)

This is a fairly detailed thread on a carnivorous plants forum describing my attempt to do a frugal tissue culture experiment using low tech methods that can be replicated in any reasonably clean kitchen with relatively easy to source supplies.

The attempt only appears to be crazy. In fact, it stands on the shoulders of published research in the area of making TC accessible in rural areas that guided the choices made (yeah, I OCD research everything).

The experiment failed, but it showed that it can be done, even if it didn’t happen that time. The cultures successfully sustained for months without contamination. The problem, in my opinion was with the nutrients in my media. I am planning to repeat the experiment relatively soon. If anyone is interested, instead of doing it at home, we can do it in the CUBE.


If we do this, it may be wiser to use seeds of something more immediately gratifying than carnivorous plants, at least as a first attempt (as you see in the conclusion of that thread itself). More correctly, this isn’t tissue culture so much as aseptic growing in-vitro. It could result in tissue culture in the future, if tissue samples of the sterile plants are taken and propagated.

The experiment mentions above merely grows seeds of slow growing plants in conditions that could make their growth faster.