Invitation: IOT Micro Weather Station

Imagine a country where every school/college/university monitors weather (temperature, humidity, light intensity, rainfall, wind speed/direction, atmospheric pressure, air quality, etc.) we can get very accurate ground-level data. Here is an invitation to make a DIY IoT Micro weather station project.

Building an IOT Micro Weather Station

Since a weather station has to monitor several parameters, we will make separate project pages for each sub-system.

How will a micro-weather station could look like?

Here is a picture of one that we recently made.


The Interface of the above weather station

Weather Parameters which could be measured:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Light Intensity
  4. Atmospheric Pressure
  5. Rainfall
  6. Wind Speed
  7. Wind Direction
  8. Particulate matter and any others.

How many parameters the station could read depends on howmany sensors you could lay hands on.

You can use Arduino or Raspberry pi or any other computing platform (Arduino is mostly preferred due to its low cost).

At any point, if you need help, or have any question, please reply to this post below.

You want to read more

So lets start the making!

IOT Micro Weather Station: Temperature and Humidity.


Please provide list of materials and possibly frugal based ones that can be easily bought from local market.

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